IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR HAMILTON COUNTY, TENNESSEE CASE NO. 19-A-001, In the Chancery Court of Hamilton County, Tennessee JARED T. MASENGIL and ERIKA MASENGIL v. ROBERT EARL RICHARDSON TO: ROBERT EARL RICHARDSON IN RE: ADOPTION OF MCKENLEY ANN LEWISD.O.B. 01/07/2012 Father: Robert Earl Richardson The Court having determined that the address of your residence is unknown and cannot be ascertained upon diligent inquiry, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 21-1-203 & 204, you are hereby served by publication as to your status as defendant in the above-captioned litigation. Take notice that on March 9, 2020, at 1:30 pm, the Court will hold a hearing on this matter in Part 2 of the Chancery Court for Hamilton County, Tennessee, the Honorable Jeffrey Atherton presiding, and should you neither appear at said hearing, nor otherwise answer or defend the cause of action against you, a default judgment may be taken against you for the relief demanded in said complaint. Any appeal of this Court's final disposition of the complaint or petition for termination of parental rights will be governed by the provisions of Rule 8A, TRAP, which imposes special time limitations for the filing of the transcript or statement of evidence, the completion and transmission of the record on appeal, and the filing of briefs in the appellate court, as well as other special provisions for expediting the appeal. You may obtain a copy of the Petition and any subsequently filed legal documents in the Chancery Court Clerk's office at the address shown above. THIS the 7th day of January, 2020. ROBIN L. MILLER, Clerk and Master Attorney: Adam U. Holland 1418 McCallie Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37404 Insertion Dates: January 15,22 29 & February 5, 2020