Moses says in Deuteronomy 18:15, “The LORD your God will raise up a prophet like me.”

How is Jesus like Moses? Both gave the law of God from the top of a mountain (Exodus 19; Matthew 5-7). Both, as children, faced the murderous plan of a wicked king. Both led an exodus out of slavery, one physical, the other spiritual. Both started their exodus at Passover.

Both Moses and Jesus plead mercy for God’s people. Moses leads people through water; Jesus walks on it as God (Job 9:8; John 6:19). Moses saved the people from Pharaoh; Jesus saves his people from their sins.

Moses was born a slave and adopted into royalty. Jesus, the eternal king, became a slave to save his people. Moses’s birth was illegitimate according to Old Testament law (Exodus 6:20; Leviticus 18:12). Jesus was born of a virgin. Moses turned water into blood which no man could drink; in John 2:6, Jesus turned water into wine. Mosaic purification cleansed the outer man; Jesus cleanses the inner.

Moses reflected the glory of God; Jesus is that glory. Moses wrote on tablets of stone. Jesus replaces our stone hearts and writes God’s law on them.

Moses and Jesus both fasted 40 days. Moses fed the people with manna; Jesus is that true manna. Moses lifted up the bronze serpent. Jesus is lifted up so that all would behold Him and be saved. Moses ascended a mountain to get the law; Jesus ascended heaven and gave the Spirit.

Moses’s law commands perfect obedience; Jesus perfectly obeyed the law for His people. Moses was a servant; Jesus is the Son. Moses dealt with types and shadows; Jesus is the reality.

Moses’s sin excluded him from the promised land; Jesus took the sin of His people to get them into restored Eden.

Moses was faithful as a member of God’s household; Jesus, as God, was the builder of that house. Moses ultimately failed; Jesus never fails at anything. Moses’s covenant kills; Jesus’s new covenant gives life.

D. L. Moody said: “Moses spent his first 40 years thinking he was somebody. He spent his second 40 years learning that he was a nobody. He spent the third 40 years of his life discovering what God can do with a nobody.”

Moses wrote one Psalm, Psalm 90, which says, “As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, or if due to strength, eighty years.”

If Moses’s life were a soccer game, his last 40 years was all stoppage time!

We spend so much of our lives trying to be somebody, but Jesus is the ultimate somebody. Will your life make much of Him today?