Dr. Kim Geiger

After almost nine years of dedicated service to Omega Graduate School, first as interim and then permanent President/CEO, Dr. Kim Geiger has given notice of her retirement to be effective Oct. 1, 2019.

“Dr. Geiger has been the driving force behind many of the positive changes on campus, and she has been a loyal, loving champion of not only the school but also the faculty and the staff,” school officials said. “Using finesse and grace, Dr. Geiger has successfully guided our school through the usual trials and tribulations that schools experience. The school has been re-accredited twice and most notably completed the arduous task of changing its name from Oxford Graduate School to Omega Graduate School. Dr. Geiger has blessed the school with her intellect, smile, positive attitude, and drive. Her administrative skills will be very much missed.”

A search for Dr. Geiger’s successor is underway. If a new President/CEO is not named by the time Geiger departs, Dr. Curtis McClane, Executive Vice-President, will serve as the interim President/CEO until a new President/CEO is named.

“As Omega Graduate School goes through this transition, we pray that our gracious Lord will continue to bless everyone here, our programs and our mission,” school officials said.