One way to look at the whole Bible is as a series of God’s answers to the Devil’s accusations. In fact, the Devil (ho-diabolos) in Greek means “the accuser/slanderer.” “Ha-Satan” is the exact same idea in Hebrew.

This “slander” could be against the people of God. “Ha-Satan” certainly does that against Job (Job 1:6-2:7).

But equally likely is that the Devil is slandering YHWH/God Himself.

One huge slander is that God does not have the best interest of believers in mind (Genesis 3:5). The cross and the incarnation show that for a lie.

Another is, “God hasn’t given enough evidence for anyone to trust His word” (Genesis 3:1-4); “Did God really say?” The plot symmetry of the stories, Old Testament and New, make that accusation untrue. So does archaeology. So does prophecy. So does the metanarrative elegance of Jesus as the new Adam, Moses, Joshua, prophet, priest and king all rolled into one.

Satan avers, “You don’t need YHWH/God to be good.” How hollow is that claim in the mouth of fratricide Cain, polygamist, multi-murdering Lamech and countless others? How hollow is Satan’s lie in the light of modern promises of goodness apart from God?

“God can’t/won’t use the weak.” Yet all the stories in the Bible picture people who are inherently plagued with sin just like everyone else, but God changes their lives by grace.

“God can’t transform ordinary people.” The truth is God transforms self-righteous Saul into humble Paul. The tax gatherer Levi (an ultimate taker) becomes “the gift” (Matthew).

John becomes so humble that he won’t mention his own name in John. Simon who struggled so with saying one thing and doing another becomes the Rock (Peter) who dies for the faith. Mary Magdalene, a sinful, demon-possessed woman, becomes the virtuous woman who along with the Virgin Mary is the primary witness of the resurrection.

The same is true of cultures. In Paul’s day, Corinth was so sexually-debauched that the Greek word, korinthnizomai, “I am a Corinthian” was the vernacular way of saying “sleep with a prostitute.” In fact, the term “Corinthian girl” was the slang phrase for prostitute. Yet Christianity so transformed Corinth that it has lost all those connotations. It’s nothing today to see “Corinth Baptist Church” because what was a negative term has been transformed by the power of Christ.

Jesus said that Satan was a liar from the beginning and the father of lies.

Satan may slander you today with, “You’ll never change.” “You’re too _______ for God to use you.” “You can’t make a difference.” “Your past is the blueprint of your future.”

All are the slanderer’s lies. May God prove it to the watching world through your life today.