Having seen the disciples racked in pain as they tried to row . . . during the early morning hours, Jesus came to them walking on the water, and he intended to pass them by! (Mark 6:48)

Has God ever commanded the impossible? Would God ever frustrate his people’s attempt to obey one of his commands?

Col. 2:8-9 says, “Don’t ever let someone rob you by some slick argument, . . . everything that makes God who and what he is existed in Christ in bodily form.”

Jesus did not cease being God when he became a human being. The view consistent with all Bible says this: While helpless in his mother’s arms, Jesus was, at that same moment holding the molecules of the universe together. He was then and is now fully God and fully man forevermore. This has been the agreed doctrine of God’s people throughout the ages; Jesus was limited in his human nature, fully God in his divine nature, yet one person. Some have tried to offer a “better” view, but their views do not agree with the whole Scripture.

Now take that view of Jesus as fully God and fully man to the story of Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 6:45-52; John 6:16-21). The following facts are clear.

Jesus is the one who compelled the disciples to sail across the sea. He commanded them in the late afternoon, and for over 12 hours they struggled to obey his command. In that time, they had made it about halfway across (Mark 6:47). Jesus saw their struggle (in Greek, lit., “them being tortured”), and yet he waited. When he did come, Jesus wanted to pass them by! Then, the very moment Jesus stepped in the boat, the storm stopped, and they immediately crossed the remaining distance to land (John 6:21).

Jesus knew that the disciples were confident that they could sail across the Sea of Galilee. As fishermen, they had probably sailed that lake since they were six years old. I’ll bet they could have done it blindfolded.

So where did the storm come from? Nature? Satan? Well, ultimately wherever it came from, Jesus as God was the one controlling it. Jesus commanded them to go across, and ultimately Jesus was the one preventing their success!

Jesus did this because he knew their future. They would often face things beyond their power. He frustrated their effort for the very purpose to drive them out of themselves to the place where they would look to him first. With Jesus in the boat, they immediately got where they were going.

So, what is your Sea of Galilee today?