Most people like a really great ghost story every now and then, but the employees at the Kayser-Roth plant in Dayton, Tennessee will let you know that their ghost is definitely real! According to many accounts, it seems that a woman, called Misty, was killed by a train on the tracks near the Kayser-Roth warehouse, and that she still haunts that building. This event supposedly happened sometime during the 1950’s. However, everything concerning the property has changed in the last seventy or eighty years, so that nothing has remained the same, and it would be hard to determine exactly where this event might have happened.

It has been said by some employees that “Misty” has been sighted many times in the warehouse just “flowing” through the area. (Misty is the name given to the ghost by the Kayser-Roth employees).Also, there is some variation about her dress; some would say she wears red, others have told that the dress is blue, while still others have said that her dress is white. However, they all do agree that her dress is flowing when they “see” her moving about the plant.

In addition to “seeing” the woman moving about the warehouse, there are mysterious footprints in the concrete floor. Then, from time to time, the clock in the warehouse will “set” itself backward or forward without anyone touching it. Also, workers have told that strange noises could be heard from time to time when an employee is alone in the warehouse.

There are many other stories associated with the buildings of Kayser-Roth. Most have to do with noises, and believing someone is walking the floor in various parts of the buildings. And there have been some employees who were afraid to go in various parts of the building without having someone with them. Therefore, whether the legend of “Misty” is true or not, it is fun to talk about the ghost of Kayser-Roth!

Kayser-Roth celebrated one hundred years of operation in October of 2013 with a grand birthday party to showcase its past history and present operation. Unfortunately, the plant will close its doors in December of this year (2018). This business has been a part of Rhea County for one hundred and five years, and certainly has a great deal of history to share with all of us; that includes its ghost! Therefore, we can see the need to study the past in order to live in the present and to prepare for the future.