My younger grandchildren love to sing songs to me. They may be serious songs, but they are never dirges or like elevator music (I hate elevator music that sanitizes songs).They like silly songs. Can you hear them giggling?

Once, a friend was hiking nearby and she lost her way. Night came upon her and her companions, and all they could do was stop and wait for daylight and their rescuers. This is so like our hike through an enchanted forest called the Psalms this year. We have been enjoying the highlights as we…

Have you seen the Hubble Satellite telescope picture of two galaxies colliding? Not moons or even planets but galaxies. Do such marvels amaze you, too?

It’s more than just an illustration Scripture uses to teach us about God’s love for us and devotion to us. Follower and bride of Christ—young or wishin’, single or married: How is your marriage with Christ coming along?

God’s steadfast love is ever present for followers of Christ. But if we’re honest, we think He takes His time when it seems to us we need Him the most.

What do you do with feelings of revenge when you are wronged? Psalm 5 and David understand.

Have you ever been unjustly criticized, wrongly understood, pursued by someone who wanted to harm or ruin your reputation, or fired from a job or ministry? King David understands.

Innocence flourished at our place when our girls were little and they picked flowers to give to their mother. Their simple hearts gathered and gave with joy. Of course, the flowers (or weeds…) adorned our home in equally simple vases (or glasses), or as center pieces and table runners on our…

I won’t tell you which of my two daughters did it, but be assured they both turned out superb, anyhow.

My grandkids know me as “Popi.” I recently asked one of the younger ones if they knew my name—and surprise—they did! How well does God know us?

I still remember a Christmas when I was probably ten or eleven. Join me about sixty years ago.

Mark called last week. He is the director of a group which provides one-on-one mentors for inmates. We meet twice a month with interested men. Another of its ministries is to sponsor seminary training for inmates in prison. Mark called to ask if I could teach a class that started today becau…

In making arrangements with our gang for Thanksgiving Cheryl called our meal a “Thankful Dinner.” I like that a lot.

She did it again.

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I turn seventy tomorrow. Here are some quotes I have collected for this milestone. Smile.

We love to kick at the shallow waves while walking among smooth sands on a lovely beach. Sometimes, though, God calls us go deep into the water.

Cheryl and I just came back from a week of vacation. Whew! Sixteen hundred miles of family and fun. The piled-high laundry, wear on the car, or toll roads can’t take away the joy.

This a shortened letter sent to an inmate in Georgia.

Ryan and Leah see things most of us can’t or won’t. They remind me of so much that is biblical and central to pleasing Christ

With me, do you marvel how God is at work in us, arranging countless details—ordering the Milky Way Galaxy—to reach us or touch us or use us (Philippians 2:13)? I sensed this when I came across a comparison while preparing to deliver a message last Sunday about wisdom from James 3:13-18? It …

This week, let’s continue in Psalm 91:

You would love Avery. Only three, she has the biggest smile, can chatter faster than a race car, and, of course, is cute as can be. Did I mention she is my youngest grandkid?

Where the rubber meets the road the truth is: The calendar that matters the most isn’t the one that starts with January. It starts when school begins.

This column is dedicated to C, who has stirred my heart recently to write again about worship.

I was deeply impressed by this story almost four decades ago and have never forgotten it. It came to me out of the blue again last Sunday and I could hardly speak. I can see him and hear him as though it were yesterday.

Cheryl and I are back from Alaska. Yes, Alaska! Have you seen it or imagined what that would be like?

This summer, Cheryl and I are anticipating a huge adventure—a cruise to Alaska. For a couple that grew up near the sandy beaches of South Florida this is a big deal. Want to come, too?

The world loves young love. You know…the innocence, endless glances, constant touches, mushy words, and how they can’t stand to be apart.

I have two Godly, wonderful daughters and seven indescribably amazing grandkids (with fathers that are pretty terrific, too). One family lives nearby and the other resides in the flat lands of south Georgia. At one point last week, the whole gang was at my small house. We had thirteen for di…

If we could see the future it would make all the difference in the world.

When I walked one morning last week the rising sun was sandwiched between two layers of dark clouds. Only a few feet above the horizon, it was blinding even through thick sun glasses. Behind me at the walking track was a normally sleepy mountain range. It frames our valley on one side and be…

The five hour return drive last week won’t soon be forgotten. No, it wasn’t because of an accident. In fact, it was no accident at all.

Your eyes will have a feast when you meet my granddaughter Hailie. Nine years old, cute, bright, and sweet to the core, she loves clothes. Clothes with colors! And, colors all mixed together in ways that beg for sunglasses. Did I mention sparkles and glitter?

My grandkids loved their Easter Egg Hunt. Wonderful to watch, my grands kept darting across the lawn ever hopeful, ever excited—and they found every egg. Easter day was a worshipful and fun day.

The middle is a hard place to be. Just ask the kid sandwiched between their siblings in the back seat of the car. Or, the cancer patient going through treatments in between the diagnosis and longed for announcement, “You are cancer free.”

Three of our seven grandkids were over last Saturday. Ages 3-9 and all girls, they are—of course—nearly perfect kids. They genuinely enjoy each other. What a joy to watch them play together.

We have been traveling through the Beatitudes in Matthew 5. They are an introduction to and summary of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. In context, they concisely summarize the Christian life in a world hostile to the “good news of the kingdom.”

The Parkland, Florida school murders plunge the knife of sorrow deep into our hearts, and we remember what Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” (Matthew 5:6). What should we do?

There is NO kid in the world who loves sparkles more than my granddaughter Hailie. Last week she entered a build-your-own model race car contest through the​ children’s ministry at her church. She didn’t win, but her Dad said she had fun—and she entered the only car with sparkles. Boys would…

For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with a shield. (Psalm 5:12)

On the second page of the classic tale, The Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan mentions something dear to all of us—sleep. The reference is in the context of a dream and the following disturbing thoughts about the judgment of God and his desire to escape it. The man in the dream is deeply agita…