The Rhea County Sheriff’s Department [RCSD] recently announced that a portion of Highway 68 in north Rhea County will be one lane in the coming weeks for repair.

“The Rhea County Sheriff’s Department along with [the Tennessee Department of Transportation] has received numerous questions about the status of the roadway,” RCSD Cpl. Aaron Loden said. “The sheriff’s department has a great working relationship with TDOT and has been in contact with TDOT since this roadway issue developed.”

Loden said that the sheriff’s department was recently notified that TDOT will still keep one lane open for slope repairs.

“TDOT is planning to keep one lane open with a signal at all times,” Loden said. “TDOT is still in the process of finalizing the permanent repair plan, and permanent repairs to the area should start soon. During the repairs, the road will remain open to one lane as it is currently.”

Highway 68, between Grandview and Spring City, was affected by flooding earlier this year. In February, the sheriff’s department was notified that several cracks formed in the roadway after heavy rains and flooding that affected the area.

The sheriff’s department checked the roadway and immediately made notification to TDOT.

TDOT employees arrived shortly after and began assessing the roadway condition and had to reduce the roadway down to one lane in the area.

The affected area is between Bill Cox Lane and Garland Lane, going up the mountain. Temporary traffic lights were put place in the area and message boards warning motorists to be prepared to stop were placed at the top of Grandview Mountain and Near Industrial Park Boulevard.