Dayton City School

DCS Superintendent Robert Greene is pictured above at the school's open house celebration on Aug. 13 when officials announced the State's report from the 2018-2019 school year.

Dayton City School was recently recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education [TDOE] as an Exemplary School. The TDOE provides annual accountability determinations to districts that reflect performance and growth in accordance with state and federal law.

DCS was informed it was exemplary in both achievement status, subgroup status and overall to earn the final determination as a 2019 Exemplary School. Dayton City is one of just three districts in Southeast Tennessee (Etowah and Athens) that earned the high honor, which was announced during last week’s open house and football pep rally.

Dayton City School has been awarded an overall score of 5, the highest score possible on the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS), which measures student growth year over year. This makes the third straight year the state has reported DCS as a level five school.

The TDOE itemized scores included a five in language arts and math in addition to a four in Social Studies. Last year, DCS earned an overall score of five, which included fives in language arts, math and science. This year’s assessment did not include a score for science.

The Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) measures the impact schools and teachers have on their students’ academic progress. TVAAS is a powerful tool because it measures how much students grow in a year, and shines more light on student progress rather than only considering their score on a year-end test.

Dayton City Superintendent Robert Greene explained a score of three indicates a system met the standard for expected growth. However, one standard above the expected growth earns a score of four and two standards above the expected growth earn the highest score of five.

“We made advancement in all areas including attendance. We’re excited to be named not only a Reward School, but an Exemplary School. We’re tickled to death and we just want everyone to know how hard our staff and students have worked,” Greene said.  “We have a great school here and I want the public to know that our recent success is the product of a lot of hard work by this staff and the students.  This community should be very proud of what is happening here at Dayton City School.”

Greene added that for DCS to earn the top score, several teachers also had to earn high marks and accredited their dedication to the success and continued growth of their students each school year.

“I’m just extremely proud of our staff. They bought into our vision and direction and have worked hard for our students. We have a phenomenal staff that really cares and puts in the time for our school and students to be successful,” Principal of Operations Chris Tallent said.

DCS Principal of Curriculum and Instruction Trish Newsom echoed those statements and said she is so proud of everyone’s hard work.

“This is evidence of everyone pulling together for a common goal. They worked so hard. We had a vision, Mr. Greene put us on that path and all of their hard work paid off,” she said.