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  • Across the entire U.S., the median earnings for all bachelor’s degree holders is $52,484. However, the average debt per college graduate in the U.S. is $19,593 or 37 percent of annual earnings.
  • The average debt per graduate varies widely by state, from a high of $31,489 in Mississippi to a low of $12,375 in Hawaii. States with the most debt per graduate are concentrated in the South.
  • In the states with the most debt per graduate, delinquency rates also tend to skew higher. There’s a significant positive relationship between average student loan debt and delinquency rate.
  • State and local support for higher education also varies widely by state, ranging from a high of $17,704 per student in Alaska to a low of $3,065 per student in New Hampshire. Students in states with more public support for higher education tend to carry less debt.

States with the most student loan debt

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