Do you love the look of those perfectly manicured lawns or enjoy the taste of vine-ripened vegetables? Maybe you just want to know what those weeds are that constantly grow in your flower beds. Either way, you are a perfect candidate to become a University of Tennessee Master Gardener! The Master Gardener Program is a 14-week course in which you will learn about a variety of topics. They will include: Soils, Fertilization and Plant Nutrition; Insect Identification and Control; Establishing and Maintaining a Lawn; Vegetable Gardening; Growing and Caring for Roses; Principles of Disease Control; Landscaping Basics and Much More!

Teaching will be conducted by University of Tennessee Professionals, Industry Leaders and Master Gardeners alike. The cost for this year’s program will be $125 per person if you register prior to Dec. 31 unless attending with a spouse in which you can both attend for $75 each. The cost will cover the brand new Tennessee Master Gardener Handbook for each participant (unless attending with spouse then the pair will receive one hand book to share), reference materials and education from industry leaders. The 2020 program will begin on Jan. 16 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. and will be held weekly on Thursday nights at the Ag Center and Fairgrounds, located at 290 Harold Robbins Lane in Evensville. The registration deadline for this year’s class will be Jan. 3.

In order to complete your Master Gardener certification, participants must attend all 14 weekly classes and volunteer 40 hours to their community. Volunteer hours can include volunteering with 4‐H, giving horticulture talks and assisting residents with lawn and garden problems. The Rhea County Master Gardener program is sponsored by UT/TSU Extension and is open to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, religion or veteran status.

If you are interested in taking the Master Gardener course in Rhea County in 2020, please contact the Rhea County Extension office at 423-775-7807 or visit our website at