And my God will fully satisfy every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Life is full of opportunity, possibility, and amazing potential. (Philippians 4:19)

This article was written near the close of 2018, on a cold and gray December day. Time is something we all pay close attention to, and in many ways, it controls us and the way we live. How often it is said that as we get older, time seems to constantly speed up, as if there are less than twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week, and three hundred, sixty-five days in a year. We are literally standing on the threshold of a new year - 2019.

Many of us are looking forward to this New Year, ready to let go of the old one and face whatever new challenges are put before us. I often hear people say, “This year has flown by so quickly. Where did the year go?” We have had to face many difficulties that have limited us, restrained us, and yes, even prevented us from having a fulfilled life. We have missed some things, missed doing some things, and even missed the joy of life itself. In some ways, we may look at 2018 and say what if…?

The truth is, no matter how much we would like we cannot turn back time; we cannot go back and change things. What we can do is move onward and upward with the greatest of expectations for this New Year. We can go with God and walk into God’s Promised Land. We can go with faith and trust that God is in total control of our lives and knows what steps we will take on our journey. God knows everything about us all the time and God knows everywhere we go.

This New Year let God be the God of opportunity and possibility. Trust in the God who can, and is able. When the Children of Israel stood on the bank of the Jordan River looking into the Promised Land, they stood there trusting God was true to His word. When the priest put his toe into the water, the Jordan stopped flowing and the people walked across on dry land. This is the same God we serve today.

God is faithful and trustworthy in all things. If God can raise a man from the dead, if God can stop raging storms, if God can heal all kinds of disease, if God can walk on water, then imagine what God can, and will, do for you in 2019.

Let us look forward with God’s anticipation for this New Year and the amazing potential that awaits us! Please, do not take life for granted. If one does then one will miss life. Lean into this new year with hope. Walking with God and trusting God will supply every need because God is faithful.


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