Barry and I were in his boat off the southwest coast of Florida last week. Channel markers can be confusing to a novice, but they are definitely essential since shallow water lurks outside prescribed markers. Out of his generosity, Barry had me take the wheel as we navigated the waters of so…

Can you recall a time you fainted?

As terrible as rejection by someone on earth is, the sense of God’s rejection is worse—far worse. Do you feel that sometimes?

In a world and time where there are a ton of spewing words, we need a well-spoken word from God.

It’s one of my favorite movie scenes. It is World War II, and General Patton is leading a tank battle against the infamous Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel. Known as the “Desert Fox,” he was a German general and military theorist. From his vantage point, Patton watches the Nazi tanks retreat in d…

I was so ready for last Sunday.

Perhaps my favorite Sunday School teacher of all time was my middle school boys class teacher, Don. How he could excite and engage our class of neighborhood hoods to love the Bible. HOW could anyone do that?!

Sometimes, with familiar people or unusual situations we miss the joy of God’s unique gift they or it can be.

Faith comes hard to us when someone we love and trust hangs us out to dry.

O God, save me by your name, and vindicate me by your might. 2O God, hear my prayer; give ear to the words of my mouth. 3For strangers have risen against me; ruthless men seek my life; they do not set God before themselves. Selah 4Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life…

What is your least favorite vegetable?

The Apostle Paul said, “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21). Do we believe this?

Now our county, too, has been visited by the coronavirus. Like the springtime swollen waters of a rising creek, the pesky coronavirus has invaded our pastureland of safety and tranquility. The virus is an evil which has changed many things about our life even if we individually aren’t sick. …

In times like these we need old friends—trustworthy friends we can talk to and from whom we can receive a touch. One of mine is Psalm 31:19-20a. Come listen to my friend.

Psalm 51 is a song of joy, yet “Studying the Bible and exploring theology should be unsettling.” Mark G. Johnston notes, “It is not just that we are studying God’s truth in His Word but also that He Himself is studying and exposing us in the process.” The coronavirus and Psalm 51, strange be…

In a circle of pray-ers, Laura, who oozes of Christ, prayed for an ailing man we all knew and said, “Father, help him to not miss the opportunity to draw close to Christ during this time.”

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It is among my very favorite stories and worth repeating at this unusual time of social distancing.

We followers of Jesus often sing and say it, but how is it that we actually love Jesus Christ?

In your world travels or dreams, what is the most beautiful city you would like visit?

Sometimes, the Psalms take us to unexpected places, like Psalm 49. It is not a glitzy tourist stop. Rather, it is a significant landmark worthy of our attention on our journey to God.

The Scriptures teach a great deal by contrast. Psalm 48 helps us see the contrast between what we experience on earth and what God, through Christ, has done and is planning for us. More importantly, it helps us to see our present reality. Hold on to that big picture as I tell you about a spe…

I’m taking a detour from our walk through the Psalms because of Sierra. She lives five hours away in another state.

Do you have the tragedy gene like I do? Let me explain.

It’s really pretty basic when you think of it. Can you drive a stick shift car?

What are the enemies of your joy in Christ?

Shawna, eight years old now, is my third youngest grandkid. I met her at the bus stop last week on Thursday. Whew—what a bundle of energy and joy and enthusiasm! From my view I couldn’t see her step off the bus, but I imagine she jumped high and long. She did run across the street, laughing,…

Like David in Psalm 39, we honestly acknowledge we sometimes live “lives of quiet desperation.” Some days, though, we live in a bubble as if this life is heaven on earth. We enjoy the rich life God has given us, confident in the promises of our future life in the presence of Christ soon, and…

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Here is a starting place for Thanksgiving 2019.

This week’s column is a Scriptural reality check on stormy seas and, gulp…may be uncomfortable.

In our younger years Cheryl and I went to a variety of seasonal productions. When the girls came along we selected venues that would highlight the season and would keep the attention of our girls. We lived near Disneyworld then, and there was always a spectacular spectacle somewhere. These d…


In today’s white hot political and social environment followers of Christ could use a lesson from Psalm 35. The First Continental Congress did.

Cheryl and I attended the school play Cinderella last weekend. It was highlighted by two of our elementary school grandkids. One of them was the cutest mouse in the house and the other a lovely narrator, singer, and dancer. The performance, stage, and costumes were amazing. The story is so l…

Like a caring coach on practice days, the Spirit of God rehearses fundamental statements about God in Psalm 28. While we don’t know David’s circumstances, they apply to our game days of life. What particular situation will these basics about God help bring you a victory?

What is your favorite thing?

Imagine you were charged or criticized for something you did not do.

My wife makes fun of me for the frequent times I turn to the end of an article or story—first. David understands.

I sometimes imagine myself as the infamous fly on the wall, taking in how the scholars of their day put together the order of the Psalms under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I really do this. No doubt they debated which songs of Israel should be included—their history and our Old Testam…

Cheryl and I recently traveled a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Stunning. At one overlook we met a young couple of “flat land foreigners” from Florida. We all agreed we’d love to live in those mountains overloading the eyes of our heart with creation candy.

My mother, sister, and I moved from Maryland to Florida when I was six years old. My one lasting memory of the trip was when we stopped at a motel across from the ocean. My mother readied us to swim (wade). Then, nearly dark, my sister and I watched as my mother went swimming. I remember los…

For the July 4th weekend we had a house full of family and several holiday celebrations that included, sometimes together, all my kids, their hubbies, and all grandkids and even our family matriarch and patriarch. I am enjoying the quiet now, but put together, God gave me an extraordinary fa…

At first, Psalm 22 seems a little odd for twenty-first century followers of Christ with its emphasis on the king. But give it an honest try and see for yourself the realities for us in this forgotten, sleepy song. Here it is:

My grandchildren have different ways to express their love for me. One enjoys my presence quietly and literally just stands beside me waiting for my attention. Another is sporadic, but may suddenly be beside me with an arm around my shoulder. More serious, one will suddenly put their arm aro…

Jay understands.