DCS Service Club

Dayton City School Service Club members show their first community service project. The recently-founded club planted flowers outside DCS on Earth Day.

As their first community service project, the Dayton City School Service Club planted flowers at the DCS building entrance in honor of Earth Day on April 21.

Student volunteers, chosen by teacher nomination, worked to beautify the school by potting and planting flowers and providing landscaping. Funds for the flowers and planting materials were provided by the Dayton City School PTO and Candi Harris, local State Farm Insurance Agent.

The Dayton City School Service Club was founded by inspiration from fourth-grade students Shelby Gardner and Braelyn Price.

These bright, fourth-grade go-getters wanted to create a club for middle-grade students that benefited the school and community. These students researched the materials needed and the types of flowers that would be the best fit for the location.

DCS Service Club members were chosen by teacher nomination from third- through fifth-grade. Students were nominated for their work ethic and volunteer spirit. The service club is led by teachers Abby Connally and Ryan Whiteside.

Dayton City School Service club members volunteer time before and after school to plan, design and execute some ideas to beautify our school and community.

The DCS Service Club has future projects in the works for the coming year at Dayton City School and the Dayton community.