At a Dayton City Council meeting on Monday, Rhea County Commissioner and City of Dayton employee Rusty Rogers announced he will be running for Rhea County Executive in the upcoming county general election in August 20222.

“I sit on the county commission; however, I will not seeking re-election to that seat,” Rogers said. “I will be seeking election to the county executive.”

Rogers is an employee with the Dayton Police Department, and Dayton City Manager Tom Solomon said that in the past, it has been tradition that a city employee running for county office notify the city council of their intentions to do so.

“The city is aware he that he can run if he chooses, it’s just tradition that he notifies the council,” Solomon said.

The county general election is on Aug. 4 this year, and Rhea County voters will head to the polls to cast their ballots for Rhea County Executive, Rhea County School Board, Rhea County Commission, the Spring City Commission and other offices

Candidates for Rhea County Executive, the school board, Rhea County Commission and Spring City Commission can pick up a qualifying petition on Feb. 7, 2022, and it must be returned to the Rhea County Election Commission by noon on April 7, 2022. Early voting for the Aug. 4 election begins on July 15 and ends on July 30.

In other business on Monday, the Dayton City Council approved a hotel/motel tax of 4 percent after the state recently passed a law allowing municipalities to do so. Dayton City Council Member Bill Graham said that the 4 percent tax on hotel or motels stays inside the city limits will be 4 percent of the final hotel bill.

Dayton City Recorder Michelle Horton said that, like the county’s hotel/motel tax, any revenue generated from the tax must be earmarked for tourism and economic development opportunities.

Also on Monday, as the Dayton City School Board, city officials accepted a bid to install new playground equipment at Dayton City School.

Dayton City School Coordinated School Health Director Kim Travis told the school board that the school was looking to install a new 12-seat set of swing sets. On Monday, she said that two companies submitted bids for the project, Bliss Products, which submitted a nearly $19,000 bid, and Play and Park Structures, which submitted a $22,000 bid.

The Dayton City School Board voted unanimously to accept the lower bid of $19,000, and Travis said the school already has those funds available for the project via a recent coordinated school health grant.

The Dayton City Council will meet next on Monday, Feb. 7, at around 6 p.m. at the Dayton Municipal Building. The meeting is open to the public.