Dangerous Drug Task Force

Officials with the Tennessee Dangerous Drug Task Force safely dispose of a mobile meth lab discovered by the Spring City Police Department.

The Spring City Police Department and the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department discovered a mobile meth lab during a routine traffic stop on Wednesday.

Bryant Butcher, 55, of Dayton is facing drug-related charges after he was arrested on Aug. 25 after being initially pulled over for failure to maintain lane.

Spring City Police Department Officer Miquel Laboy was in the area of New Lake Road Rhea County Highway on routine patrol when he saw a gold Oldsmobile driving in the wrong lane on New Lake Road.

“I initiated a traffic stop, at which point the driver, Bryant Butcher, pulled into the parking lot Rocky Top [Market],” Laboy said. “When I approached the vehicle I saw what appeared to be a marijuana plant on the rear passenger seat.”

Laboy said he asked Butcher if there was anything else in the vehicle, and Butcher said there was a “shake bottle” in the back floorboard.

“He further said it was methamphetamine that he was in the process of making,” Laboy said.

After checking Butcher’s identification, Laboy said he further discovered he had an outstanding warranty for his arrest for failure to appear in court.

Butcher was arrested and transported to the Rhea County Jail where he was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia; the manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamine; and failure to maintain lane.

The Spring City Police Department then contacted Rhea County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Charlie Jenkins and notified him about the discovery of the meth lab.

When Jenkins arrived at the Spring City Police Department, he noticed an active shake bottle, three new coffee filters, lighter fluid and a measuring cup, “all items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Jenkins said he contacted the Dangerous Drug Task Force, which specializes in safely dismantling meth labs. He said that arrived on the scene on “disseminated the lab and disposed of the hazardous materials.”