While many institutions have seen a dip in enrollment due to the pandemic, Bryan College announced a 5 percent growth in the number of students seeking degrees at the school. In addition, they noted an increase of 6 percent in site visits over the previous year.

Interim Director of Admissions Andrew Smith noted, “This success comes from the hard work of the admissions team who worked hard to connect with students and their families as they considered Bryan College as an option for higher education.”

Bryan College reduced their tuition cost last year, which also added to the interest of students.

“In today’s world, students are not only looking for a quality education but options that make the experience affordable. Bryan’s realignment of tuition cost resonated with so many,” said Smith. “Bryan College was also further along than many institutions in providing on-line learning options, which also assisted with the increase in enrollment.”

Dr. Douglas Mann, president of the college said, “Bryan College continues to be blessed by a committed professional team involved in recruiting and retaining great students. The Bryan experience continues with teaching professionals who are not only committed to their curricula but also to their students. The result is students ready to ‘go out into the world for Christ’ which is exactly what we are called to do.”