Boat explosion

The aftermath of a boat explosion at Blue Springs Marina on Watts Bar Lake is pictured above. The explosion sent two people to the hospital and sank six boats at the marina.

TWRA Officers responded to a call around 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 8, on Watts Bar Lake, at Blue Springs Marina in Roane County.

Multiple Wildlife officers, UT Life Star, Roane EMS, multiple Roane County Fire Units, Volunteer Energy Cooperative and TBI responded after several reports of small explosions on moored vessels at the marina.

A married couple from Monroe County sustained serious injuries when an explosion occurred in their engine hatch. Both were flown by helicopter to UT Medical in Knoxville. Both remain in the hospital. The dock withstood significant damage and six vessels sustained damage, two of which sunk.

Arriving wildlife officers went boat to boat at the end of the dock to confirm all people were accounted for and ensure public safety. Volunteer Electric assisted with cutting power to the marina. The incident remains under investigation.