The Tennessee Department of Health reminds adults aged 70 and older they are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccination. TDH estimates there are about 300,000 Tennesseans in the 70-74 year age group, and only about one in three Tennesseans in this group have been vaccinated to date.

TDH is partnering with the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability and the AARP in outreach efforts to inform elder Tennesseans about the importance of COVID-19 vaccination and how they may access vaccination. TDH urges family members, community groups, faith organizations and other individuals and organizations that support seniors to share these resources and help Tennesseans age 70 and up register for their COVID-19 vaccination. TCAD provides information for older adults about COVID-19 vaccination at AARP offers a guide for getting your COVID-19 vaccination at

Tennessee will continue to move through phases of the state’s COVID-19 vaccination plan as vaccine supplies increase each week. Tennesseans can find information on the phases eligible for vaccination in their county and, when eligible, register for vaccination through the 89 state-run county health departments at TDH has a video to walk people through the online registration process. Due to their independent operations and larger populations. Tennessee’s metropolitan counties may have different instructions, so residents in these areas should check with local authorities about their plans.

Tennessee seniors who need transportation assistance to receive COVID-19 vaccination may learn about services offered by the Tennessee Association of Human Resource Agencies at