Rhea County Property Assessor Debbie Byrd

Rhea County Assessor of Property Debbie Byrd was one of many local officials who recently completed the Local Government Leadership Program [LGLP] hosted by the Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership, an agency of The University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service.

Each year, LGLP provides local government leaders with opportunities to connect with each other, expand their leadership capacity, and learn about new and innovative leadership practices and approaches.

The city and county officials who attended this multi-day program in Knoxville were invited by UT County Technical Assistance Service [CTAS] and UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service [MTAS], sister agencies of the Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership.

Each attendee received a leadership assessment profile offering insight into their individual leadership strengths and approaches.

The program also consisted of teambuilding activities and multiple small-group sessions to explore and discuss leadership strategies, best practices, and innovative approaches. Additionally, the program included sessions on ways to build an ethical culture, applying Lean practices in the public sector, and sharing a personal leadership philosophy.

LGLP began over two decades ago with the goal of cultivating proactive government leaders, and is designed to provide these leaders with knowledge and tools to help guide their cities and counties into the future.