Officials with the Dayton Police Department recently released figures for 2020 showing that arrests for driving under the influence [DUI] of an intoxicant are up compared to last year, while the number of wrecks have decreased.

Dayton Police Department Sgt. Eric Ewton said that so far in 2020, the department has made 87 arrests for DUIs, while officers made 67 DUI arrests during all of 2019.

“So we’re 20 over where we were for all of last year, and we’re not done with the year yet,” Ewton said, adding that DUI arrests could increase to the mid-90s before the end of the year.

Ewton said that officers expect that number to increase since the department will be performing saturation patrols around the holidays with an emphasis on seeking out suspected drunk drivers.

Also so far this year, Ewton said that the department has seen a decrease in the number of wrecks compared to 2019. He said that so far, there have been 358 wrecks in 2020, down nearly 100 from the previous year when the city saw 461 wrecks in all of 2019. Of those wrecks in 2019, 53 involved serious injury, and in 2020 so far, 43 have involved serious injuries.

“Everything is moving in the right direction,” Ewton said. “Enforcement is up, and we want to keep it that way. We want fewer crashes and fewer impaired drivers on the road.”

Ewton said that to date,there have been no fatal accidents in the city limits this year.