A Dayton woman was charged with prostitution and aggravated assault after a man rejected her alleged advances, according to an arrest report on file at the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department.

Jessica Laymon, 22, of Dayton, is facing the charges after an incident over the weekend.

At around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 8, deputies were dispatched to Upper Fine Lane after receiving reports of man being “sprayed in the face with a chemical.”

“Upon arriving on scene and speaking to the complainant, he stated he was on the phone in his car on Upper Fine Lane trying to call his buddy to find out which trailer was his,” RCSD Deputy David Layne said.

The man told deputies that while he was trying to call his friend, he saw two women standing on a nearby porch.

“He said he stopped his car a couple trailers down from them to keep calling his buddy,” Layne said. “He said that [Laymon] came over and knocked on his window, asking him if he wanted business with her. He stated he told her, ‘No.’”

Layne said that the man told him that Laymon went to the trunk of a nearby vehicle, got something out and came back and knocked on his window a second time. The man rolled his window down “about four inches,” Layne said, and Laymon sprayed him in the face with a chemical.

“He said that it made his eyes burn and he couldn’t breathe, so he opened his door to get air,” Layne said “He said she came back over and tried jerking his car door open, so he put it in reverse and got down the driveway as far as he could.”

Layne said that the alleged victim told him that the Laymon and the other woman then drove away in a grey, hatch back-style car.

After deputies broadcast the car’s description on their radios, Layne said that Laymon was eventually found at a Dayton convenience store by officers with the Dayton Police Department. Layne said a can of pepper spray was discovered in her vehicle.

She was charged with aggravated assault and prostitution and booked into the Rhea County Jail.