New doctors' offices

The site of the new doctors’ offices is pictured above near Rhea Medical Center.

The new doctors’ offices currently under construction near Rhea Medical Center will likely be complete in mid-November or early December, according to project manager Jim Vincent.

The Rhea Medical Center Board of Directors began considering the new offices soon after the county began the process of constructing the Rhea County Justice Center near doctors’ offices along Rhea County Highway. Hospital officials said that once the justice center was complete, parking issues could arise and began seeking a new location for those offices.

The board ultimately decided to build on the site of Rhea Medical Center, and Vincent said that having those offices near the hospital will allow doctors to utilize close access to the hospital should the need arise.

“It’ll be real easy to find,” Vincent said. “You won’t have doctors spread out all over Rhea County. It’ll all be on one campus.”

The new 10,500-square-foot building will be a one-story facility with three entrances.

“It’ll be real easy for seniors and disable folks to get in and out of,” Vincent said.

The building’s design and color will mirror that of Rhea Medical Center’s, Vincent said, with the goal of creating a uniform healthcare campus in north Dayton.

“It’s a really nice design,” Vincent said. “We wanted it to match the hospital to an extent.”

Vincent said that the location of new offices also allows for expansion in the future if need be.