With Christmas just days away, it’s almost time for St. Nick to make his annual trek across the globe to deliver Christmas cheer to all the good little boys and girls around the word. In conjunction with our annual Christmas Greetings edition we have included Santa letters from local 2nd graders around Rhea County. 

After preparing those for our paper this weekend, I got to thinking…maybe I should write a letter myself for Mr. Claus. I’ve slowly but surely grown out of the big excitement of Christmas day and all the gifts. For about the fourth year in a row, I really can’t think of anything to ask Santa for. 

However, there is this one little thing I would like and it won’t require any overtime from Santa and his helpers and even further, I can even wait until early January. So St. Nick can just skip my house all together on Christmas Eve if he’d like. 

If you’ve read this far and have kept up with me throughout this football season, you can probably guess where I’m going with this...


Dear Santa, 

It’s me again. I know you’re busy getting the checklist together for Christmas Eve and all but I just wanted to send you a quick little note with that I’d like for Christmas. 

While most kids my age will probably be asking for a hoverboard, maybe the new Iphone or a Mac Computer, I don’t really want any of those. Others may—like myself—still be adjusting to being in the “real world” and simply just want cash or for you to pick up our rent for the month or something. The struggle is real being young and out on your own.  

I’d gladly accept a few greenbacks for Christmas but that isn’t what I’m really asking for either, Santa. What I really, really, want for Christmas is something that money can’t buy. Well actually, it probably can buy it but that might lead to an NCAA investigation and serious ramifications. 

Yeah, you probably know what I’m talking about now. I want my Tigers to bring home a National Championship in football. It’s something I’ve always wanted but wasn’t sure I’d ever get. The Tigers did it back in 1981 but as you know, I hadn’t splashed onto the scene yet for that celebration. As a die-hard fan of the orange and white, it would make my entire year if Clemson could cap off this historic season with a national championship ring. 

I’ve been a very good fan this year and logged over 3,400 miles on the highway to Clemson games this season including the big wins over Notre Dame and Florida State at home, South Carolina in Columbia and of course the ACC Championship in Charlotte. 

While I’d be nothing short of very proud of this team regardless of what happens in the semifinal game against Oklahoma on New Year’s Eve, I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime. It would be a gift I’d cherish forever if they seal the deal on Dec. 31 and then bring home some hardware on Jan. 11. I hope you can come through for me. 

Just think, Michigan State can claim a total of six national championships, Oklahoma has seven, Alabama has 15 and Clemson only has one. Isn’t this the season for giving to those who have been less fortunate? Well if you take a look at history and this year’s final four teams, that’s us, Santa! 

Clemson deserves to relive what it feels like to be atop the college football world. That’s all I really want this year for Christmas. You’ve already given us a tease with two 5-star recruits earlier this week, which we are thankful for and excited to see in the years to come. But we’re hungry for that title right now! 

Before the season, all the “experts” said we’re one year away from becoming a true CFB contender but looks like Deshaun Watson and the boys in orange britches had other ideas. 

Sure we should be right in the thick of things again next year but with two wins away, why not just let us enjoy the ride this year? I think this isn’t too much to ask and this would be the perfect Christmas miracle. Either way, I’ll be thankful for this great season and feel free to skip my house this year and give a little some thing extra to the kids next door. 


Your favorite Clemson Tiger fan living in Vols Country, 

 Christopher Hall