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Captivating. Inspiring. Heart-rendering. Invigorating. All of these are great adjectives to describe the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Year after year the post-season extravaganza proves to be the best single best event in all of sports. 

I can’t think of any other event that attracts the attention of literally everyone. From your seven year old little brother to your your 77-year-old grandpa, it seems just about everyone finds themselves plopped on the couch or at a local restaurant or bar this time of year to watch seemingly endless hours of quality, nail-biting basketball...and hoping their bracket holds up in their respective pool. 

Sure there are years when the playoffs in the NBA, MLB, NFL or even in College Football might be pretty intriguing but year after year? Absolutely not. However, that isn’t the case when it comes to March Madness. It's always good and fun to watch. 

Every single year you can pretty much guarantee that someone who has no business losing in the first round or second of the tournament ends up going home early. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Kentucky, Baylor and West Virginia) 

Along with all the upsets there are constantly games going down to the wire and thanks to the brilliant way the games are staggered, you can catch the ending to several quality games without even changing the channel. 

While local restaurant and bars are likely seeing an increase in traffic for fans wanting to unwind with some great food and basketball, hospitals are also reaping the benefits of the big dance as well. 

A report came out earlier last week that stated each year around this time there is a spike in men having vasectomy procedures. When you think about it, it’s a pretty brilliant idea. 

What better time to lay around and be forced to relax on the couch than when you can lay back and watch exciting basketball day all day long for several days in a row? 

Some urologists are even going as offering special this time of year. One Texas urology is charging its special “Vas Madness” rate at $595. Over the past few years, reports state that urologist see as much as 50 percent spike in the operation around the time March Madness takes place each year. 

This year’s tournament is off to another exciting start with a number of high seeds making an early exit from the tournament. Among those are #3 West Virginia, #3 Utah, #4 Kentucky #4 Baylor #5 Purdue and #5 California. All four #1 seeds have advanced to the Sweet 16, which features six teams from the ACC. 

Although it is unlikely, there’s a chance that the Final Four could be made up of teams from the ACC….then again you never know what could happen in March Madness. I think the state of North Carolina would explode if the Tarheels and Blue Devils squared off in the finals, which is also possible. 

As a fan of a team that didn’t even make the NIT this year and a guy who hasn’t watched a single basketball game from wire-to-wire all season, I’ve been glued to the television the past few days. It makes it more fun (and much less stressful) when you don’t have a dog in the fight. 

I never got around to even filling out a bracket this year so I’m the guy that’s likely pulling against who ever you have winning it all in your bracket while also cheering for the underdog whenever possible. 

Outside of fall, spring is pretty much the best time to be a sports fan. March Madness is now in full swing, baseball and softball are beginning to heat up, spring practice for football has arrived and the Masters is right around the corner. Some NFL draft thing is coming up next month, too. 

So if you’ve been putting off a procedure of any kind that requires a few days of rest, I’d recommend you give your doctor a call as soon as possible. You can thank me later.  

Christopher Hall can be reached at sports@rheaheraldnews.com

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